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"Decide-toi vite, gamin…."

Dessin: Ruben Pellejero - Scenario Jorge Zentner the art.

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Heat to the Rescue: Sturdy Oil Drum Survival Kit Also Converts Into Stove.

Like the Haitian earthquake of 2010, last year’s Japanese tsunami disaster spurred designers to re-think what an effective, life-saving response might look like.

Focusing on providing a source of heat, water and food housed in rollable oil drum that can be converted into a stove, Eindhoven-based Japanese designer Hikaru Imamura’s “Heat Rescue Disaster Recovery” kit reflects his belief that something as simple as heat and hot water may mean the difference between falling deathly ill or surviving.

this is fucking awesome.

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"Darcy The Flying Hedgehog" is a series of photographs by Shota Tsukamoto starring her hedgehog—voted cutest in the world. Based in Japan, she sets the stage for her adorable, 3-year-old hedgehog in an original and fun manner.

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I’v been wanting to spotlight this artist for along time. Zarnala  renders beautiful professional concept art. What count my eye were her bright, detailed aliens and humanoid animals. 

OmG <3



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"My philosophy is: If you can’t have fun, there’s no sense in doing it."

Rest In Peace Paul Walker (September 12th, 1973-November 30th, 2013)


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Hong Kong

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..colorful Hong Kong.

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